quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2022

Shut Up, Fake Thing

For Christ's sake, don't you know that she is against all and All is for her? The words the disconnected intellect you trust bring forth are for happy fools; use them to possess everyone, everything you wish to have in his system, happy slave. You just can't win her back and thus please your boss, independent and in the company of no Truth working to help perpetuate the illusion you've come to depend on, where you've become "special", after taking the hope for "fame" as a good reason to live in harmony with false self. She is a good ground where All only grows day to day, being immune to persecution.

Maybe you could double, quadrupĺe your "success" and finally feel you've had enough and retire? No, you'd still want it all, being unable to forsake anything to have some truth to say, speaking the same bullshit as always to sound "awesome" and make people vibrate so magnificently idolatrous and lifeless. Because you're now too addicted to the top of the pyramid, to all the fools pleasing your ego. Well, don't be that weak, lose your narrow mind. Why don't you start dreaming of being her? It's much more challenging than to prosper in falsehood and become "rich". Maybe you can be, maybe not; only God knows.

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