quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2022

It's All Wrong

Are you afraid of losing your disconnected mind and all you've gained by means of it? Can you really think anything in that condition? No, "god", you're only believing the first disconnected mind's lie, that you can be your own Source, that you are self-sufficient. That's why you're happy with the low energy of the wicked and the pathetic glory of the world, clinging to the great "benefits" of being a part of it while you're left out of the Truth you say you don't need. Because it's all you could ever know, so you're never settling for less, you're taking just what you believe and want. You see? You can't be smart of yourself, as if you could access All without faith and humility. Tell me, are you planning to get In after you die?

One hundred thousand dollars or one hundredfold Fruit?

I'd rather be crazy and have Love.