sexta-feira, 7 de outubro de 2022


Imagine churches as skate parks. Every weekend they're attended by many; some go there just to sit and watch, others feel content with just riding around on their boards, and there's at last the group of those who need the tricks. They want to see and learn them, taking advantage of the obstacles to charm their way into a deeper experience. And when it's time to go back home, their wholehearted ambition turns the entire city into the park and their eyes are opened to see the obstacles presenting themselves everywhere along the way. So, that's how some can't seem to ever leave the beginner level whereas others grow and become pros.

The Catholic Church created an institutionalized definition of lay/religious that only contributes to keeping non-rad lazy beginners blind, watching and seeing not, empty of the desire and all Wisdom. Do you think that attending a seminary for four years taking philosophy and another four taking theology is what it takes for someone to become a friend of Wisdom and a God-knowing man? Are you sure that every priest is really religious, a pro? Has it ever crossed your mind that those sex offenders' "fun" might have never been the sport they were supposed to practice, that they find it as boring as those who just sit and watch do?

I don't consider Luther a pro, but I admit his boldness wasn't foolish since that bizarre "pope", who thought it was as easy as receiving what God gives and doing nothing, really needed someone to disrespect him. There was too much "peace" there to concentrate on the fake thing, to seek first the world, like every happy passionless neophyte does. As he himself said, he believed God had made him a king of the world, "free" to enjoy it fulfilling his lusts. He was interested in the "might", in all the fools he had at his feet to serve him. Yes, he was nothing but a fucking rockstar from Sodom.

Although nowadays the lutheran territory is almost as apathetic as the catholic one, you can still see some cool tricks there, yet they are rare. You can't depend on it to find inspiration to progress. Even there the imagination trick is needed to see the kingdom of heaven in the foreground; if you stop watching and start listening to what some are meaning you end up plugged into the system again, deaf to the Truth and swapping Her for the "religious" part of its lie. At both territories, you shouldn't take anyone for a pro until you see what he or she is capable of; true religion is verily magical.

No, the kingdom's college is not the seminary.

It's not that easy getting in there.